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    The complicated world of logistics and supply chain, made simple.

    Helping the entrepreneur understand logistics and supply chain. Giving you the building blocks to create a brighter future - faster - because you understand how operations are put together.

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    Content which explains logistics, all free, plastered everywhere.



    All the LSCM words you need to know plus detailed SOPs.


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    the peoples guide to logistics and supply chain, breaking the Rubik's cube down into manageable pieces.


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    A two-hour session going through the fundamentals of logistics and supply chain, what you need to know, how it all works for your current or new venture.

  • Frequently Asked Carter Questions

    Why Krys Carter?

    The problem is that a lot of people, especially entrepreneur, have amazing ideas but little knowledge about building the supply chain to deliver on that idea. Don't feel bad, you don't know what you don't know. The point of Krys Carter is tp progress the world of logistics and supply chain by raising the industry baseline. Starting with new businesses created by entrepreneurs. Arming them with the frameworks and toolkits to deliver a world-changing solutions sooner.

    What does KC value?

    Whatever Krys Carter supports it must abide by these three fundamental values:

    1. Simplicity: an idea can only be great if it can be greatly communicated. Whatever we do must be easily understandable.

    2. Excellence: whatever the idea is (which will progress the world forward) it must be the best solution possible.

    3. Helpful: whether in a disaster or for a client, the solutions need to accomplish something for the greater good.

    Why do I need to know about logistics and supply chain management?

    You need to know about LSCM because good operations are the backbone of how your product to customers. Logistics is the hands-on process of how to deliver your promise.

    What do logisticians do?

    Logisticians are high-speed operators of who coordinate assets and information through a process. A process which feeds your connecting supply chain.

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    Have a look at tech companies and you’ll notice they have a pattern. A way of working which looks something like this: they give you something you want, collect every shred of your data, then use that data to feed you more of the crap you just clicked on or searched for.   Google, Netflix,...
    May 6, 2019 · Krystian,blog,KrystiansPredictions,robots
    Refresh: You’re on a remote farming operation in the Australian outback, this is the most technologically advanced farm every conceived. While asleep, wildlife is threatening some of your crops, and on route to disperse the situation one of your Ranger Drone called Darren is damaged needing of...
    May 3, 2019 · Krystian,blog,KrystiansPredictions,robots
    The future of work is a hybrid between digital guides and personal approval. So, what does the supply chain of the future look like, how about a story? Imagine this, you are situated in a remote farming outpost in Northern Australia far away from anything, the farm exists due to fertile lands I...
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